Saturday, September 3, 2011

Black Folks Ain't Mad Enough Yet!

Where is all the unity among black people? What happen to the 'Village' we are supposed to have raising our children? When did we lose the love for Black Love?

The answer is quite apparent to me that black folks are just not mad enough yet. We’re not 'Hungry' enough yet to put the 'Unity' back in the black Community. We haven’t suffered enough yet, to change the way we do things. We don’t have enough black men in prison yet, to care about the future of our black boys. We don’t have enough black women with HIV yet, to teach our black girls that sex does not equal love. Enough of us haven’t died over the color of our skin, to stop us from killing over the color of a shirt. We don’t have enough young black men and women on TV degrading themselves yet, to realize that those watching us are not laughing WITH us, but laughing AT us.
We no longer want to get out of the ghetto, we would rather glorify the ghetto. The books that we once fought with our lives to be able to have we are taking out of the hands of our children and replacing them with guns. We are still wallowing in the anger over an unfulfilled promise of reparations, when a lot of the black youth today, can’t even spell 'Reparations'!

But apparently we are okay with this. This doesn’t bother us one bit. We obviously don’t deserve better. Because it would seem to me, that if we were NOT okay with this we would a little mad. And if we ARE mad, then we obviously aren’t mad enough!

We are not mad enough to start treating our community with the respect it deserves. We are not mad enough to stop destroying our own children with drugs that others once used to try to destroy us.We are not mad enough seek out our elders for wisdom rather than just for money.
We need to ask ourselves if we like what we see? If we like where the black community is headed? If the future of black America is left in the hands of the young kids that as they are NOW....Then we truly never expected much to begin with.

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