Saturday, August 27, 2011

You Want Your Privacy? Didn't I Just See You On Facebook Tellin All Your Business?

I'm not big on social media. I'm not on Black Planet, I don't have any YouTube videos, My Facebook page is less than 2 years old. And I have no clue what a Twitter is. I don't think that Smart Phones are all that 'Smart', and I really don't get why everyone feels the need to always 'Check-In'.

But what I do think is so ironic to the point of being absurd are the people who, probably right now, are tweeting, posting, texting etc. to THE WORLD about how they are owed their right to privacy after they either get fired for some stupid comment they posted on Facebook (that they never should have in the first place), after some scandalous pictures of them get seen by everyone in their church (do I really have to comment on the lack of judgement here? How was they ever in the position to have the picture taken in the first place), or after they have been arrested for doing some stupid crap they chose to video tape and post on YouTube.

What! Are you serious? We are not talking about a lack of privacy, we are talking about a total lack of just plain Common Sense!!

When a job application is accompanied by a consent to Social Media Background Check, When most, if not all by now, of the major police departments in the country have their own Facebook page, When Presidential 'Town Hall' meetings are held via social media, why is it so difficult to comprehend that YOU are responsible for everything you put out there in cyberspace. And rightfully so. I believe everyone should be held accountable for their own stupidity.

Not only has social media been the cause of the death of more than one child (because the mothers were too busy 'posting' on Facebook rather than watch their children), but there are even some high school teachers teaching classes via Twitter.

Are people really that ignorant enough to believe that Big Brother is not watching EVERY post, blog, tweet, re-tweet (what ever the hell that is), check-in, status update, YouTube video, etc.?

Or do people REALLY think that delete actually DELETES anything!

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