Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Life Is Not A Movie; So Why All The Drama?

People are constantly saying how much they don't like drama. How much they wish their lives were calm, cool, and collected. Yet, those same people seem to always have some sort of drama in going on in, or around them and their life.

Now don't get it twisted! Drama and stress are often two different things but both can cause one or the other. Work can be stressful, kids can be stressful, school can be stressful. Hell LIFE can be stressful. But all these stressful situations don't have to turn into a Soap Opera!

So to assist those who may not know how to live DRAMA free, I have created the following:


1.       Mind Your Own Business - if it doesn’t involve *you or effect *you  directly. STAY OUT OF IT! *’you’ may also include your loved ones

2.       It Is Not Your Secret If You Tell – Assume that anything you say will be repeated 5 times over and often times incorrectly. If you want something to remain a secret…KEEP IT A SECRET!

3.       Diarrhea Does Not Smell Good – Don’t waste your time gossiping. Stop runnin' your mouth!

4.       Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – If they don’t ask for your advice, don’t give it. Now, there is some discretion with this one. If it is a danger to themselves or others,  illegal, or otherwise so assenine that the effects may be catastrophic, keep your opinion to yourself. 'If they like it, You love it'

5.       If You Build It They Will Come – If you set up situations or put yourself in situations where drama my build, DRAMA will come.

6.       Let Sleeping Dogs Lay – Nip drama in the bud ON SIGHT! Don’t keep it going, don’t let it fester.

7.       Take Out The Trash – Look around you. Often time’s drama doesn’t start with you, but rather those who you have in your circle. Those you let into your life should enhance your life. Be a positive energy in your life.  Get rid of those who have no place in your space!

8.       MAN UP! (or woman up) – If you find yourself caught up in drama, acknowledge your role in it, settle it, and MOVE ON. Don’t fuel drama then sit back like a Cheshire Cat.

9.       The Truth Shall Set You Free – I know that at some point in your life you were told that it takes more energy to lie, than tell the truth.  People tend to tell stories more than once. It's human nature. THE STORY SHOULDN’T BE DIFFERENT EVERY TIME YOU TELL IT.  Whether you tell a story once or a thousand times…if you’re telling the truth, then the truth should never change.

10.   Don’t Be A Whistle Blower - Just like with number 4 USE YOUR DISCRETION. But if discretion is not an issue in the situation, then it is not your job, nor your responsibility to keep everyone around you ‘updated’ on everyone else’s business. If it is not your business, it’s not yours to tell.

Life is stressful enough without all of that added bullshit. If you need excitement in your life, if you need to be involved in SOMETHING get a hobbie or join a group!

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