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Self Love

Maneater=Self Love
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We’ve all been hurt, discouraged, let down by one or more people in lives. It’s no coincidence that the ones we love the most hurt us, we trust them, give them access to our hearts, leaving us vulnerable. This is unavoidable-especially in romantic relationships. That is why it is so important to learn to truly love yourself, not as a defense against getting hurt, because no matter how much you love yourself you can still be hurt by others, but when you truly love yourself you learn and grow from those let downs.

The term Man-Eater means a lot of different things to many, but for me it means self-love. Yes in a relationship sense, I am saying down with boys and up with girls-but that is only because my audience is mostly women. And my passion is for women who don’t know how to first love themselves and who put their love interest before themselves. I write for the women who have been hurt, and have never recovered. The women who don’t realize that there is a difference between loving someone in a healthy way and giving too much of yourself to someone who doesn’t value you.

We all know that we are not perfect, we are flawed. Is this just another message about loving your flaws? Well, maybe but I’m willing to go as far to say that those “flaws” are relative and what someone views as a flaw in you, another may see as your great asset. Just because one man doesn’t like something about you doesn’t mean you should work to change it, you should only work to change the things about yourself that YOU don’t like or think you want to improve.

I am absolutely in love with me, and have no problem attracting men, moving on from bad relationships, or being exactly who I am no matter who doesn’t like it. But I wasn’t always this way, I once was just like the women I strive to reach on a daily basis. I didn’t know the power I held within. I didn’t realize I had the power to create my life, and choose how I wanted to be treated. YOU have the power. We as females have to learn how to take it back, or perhaps you never lost it and in that case learn to hold on to it.

I am a Man-Eater. I love Me . Girl Power.

Xo Maneater

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  1. I've been separated for the past 8 months from my husband of 24 years. I have papers drawn up am waiting for my lawyer to contact me.
    I remember a time a few years ago when my husband told me I was a nerd, I was afraid of everything and I was lazy and selfish. So I tried to be different. I couldn't change the nerd thing, but what I did for the "afraid of everything" thing was to confront my fears. I took risks I wouldn't normally do to show him I could be different. I bungee jumped. It scared the shit out of me but I did it for him as much as myself. I will never do that again. It made me mad that I did it for him. I caught and held garter snakes. It grossed me out and gave me the willies. I did it again recently only because my cat brought one in from outside and I was throwing it back out!
    I feel I gave and gave and gave of myself to him, but I wasn't good enough. He would look at other women while out with me. He texted and emailed and talked to other women, but for some reason he was too busy to do that for me. I practically begged him for years to call me during the day to chat, but again, too busy. he called me lazy and selfish. I didn't think I was selfish. I made sure when I went shopping to look for and pick up items that would please him and cook his favorite meals. I thought we had a good sex life, but I was often disappointed because he would say my (fill in the blank) was so wet yet couldn't tell me I was beautiful or any other nice things about me. Yeah, so I guess I was selfish there. After all, I had been telling him for years how handsome he was and what a great bod and oh you're so good in bed!! Lazy, well, true in a lot of ways, I am not the best housekeeper, but my floors are clear of junk and dishes are clean, the toilet and sink and tub get cleaned weekly instead of daily. My clothes are clean. But yeah, I will admit there, I was quite lazy with him. I was lazy growing up too, so that's a lifetime of laziness I need to change in myself, but it will be for myself. NOT for him or anyone else. You don't like my mess, well there's the door!!


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